Delta R3 2.0 Helmet with Fidlock®

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Introducing the all-new redesigned Delta R3 2.0 snowmobile helmet. We listened to your feedback last year and the new 2.0 R3 has been vastly enhanced. These new technology additions include:

  • New larger cold weather blocking Arctic Chin Curtain: Providing a full seal around your neck for those frigid days. No more swirling wind and snow instead your helmet.
  • Control airflow with the new adjustable front chin vents: Open & close them as needed to dial in your comfort level.
  • Redesigned the heating elements on the shield for more durability: New wire routing, more durable wiring & connection points.
  • All-new quarter-turn locking power cord: No more loose connections. Also features a disconnect point to avoid damage when snagged and an in-line fuse for circuit protection.
  • New snow & terrain enhancing orange tint internal sun shield: See the terrain more clearly, no matter the weather.

All told, the 2.0 is a game changer for the 2018-19 season.

Featuring three configuration options: Dual sport, full face, open face. The R3 2.0 has you covered for all types of snowmobiling and all weather conditions. Featuring a fog blocking heated ITO dual pane electric shield, internal flip down sun visor, removable breathbox & chin curtain this helmet has it all. The R3 2.0 is a DOT/ECE dual safety certified helmet featuring a dual density EPS for maximum impact resistance. The internal liner and cheek pads are removable and washable. Available in sizes XS-2XL.

  • Three configuration options: dual sport, full face, or open face
  • Dual pane anti-scratch, anti-fog coated, ITO electric clear shield
  • Drop-down internal sun shield (amber)
  • Lightweight polycarbonate shell construction
  • Included cold weather removable breathbox
  • Removable cold weather chin curtain
  • Adjustable forehead ventilation ports
  • Push button removable shield
  • Removable/washable liner and cheek pads
  • Available in sizes xs-2xl
  • Dual density eps
  • Fidlock magnetic chin strap buckle

WARNING for California Residents

Fitment Issues


After receiving the helmet I attempted to plug the heated shield cord into the helmet however, it did not fit. The ribs on the side of the helmet which are used to lock it into place seem too big. I called and asked about this issue and they said, "It was deformed from being in the box/ cold." So, the only way to get it to go in properly was to heat it up and pinch it so it would fit. Even after the fact when it was in the house and "warm" it still would not fit, which is not very helpful considering snowmobiling isn't typically done in warm temperatures.

Needs more vent options


Needs vents for mouth, doesn’t allow fresh air in or air and moisture out.

Nice helmet but disappointed with issues


A little tighter than I'd like for an XXL.No lighter than my old Zox modular.The short neck curtain is useless and is a foam type material that becomes hard as plastic in the cold.The top vents work very well as I had to close them due to the back of my head getting cold.Once closed, it was warm enough.I couldn't use the electric shield as the wire 509 supplies is backwards to all other shield wiring out there.And because of that, it fogged up pretty bad, even when I cracked open the shield.The breath deflector did little to help.The sun visor also fogged up.The electric shield should help with the main shield.

Missed the mark again with the 2.0


I heard negative reviews on the first Delta R3 so I wanted until the 2.0 came out. It is not much better in my opinion. The heated shield works great as does the Fidlock. Other than that, I should have stuck with my Altitude open face.
<br>The chin/neck guard is either too loose/thin or not long enough to actually block the wind, so it hits off your chest and fills the helmet. Temps were in the mid 20s and it was hard to ride as my eyes were watering so much. This is with all vents closed. My 509 Altitude is warmer than this helmet, unless I ride with my hand under my chin to block the air. Also, the sun visor is worthless as it gets fogged up while retracted, and then you can't use it when you want to drop it down.
<br>Also, the cord that they give you for the shield has a female end on it, which does not hook into factory plugs on the sled. They offered to send me an adapter, but I had already modified my cord to make it work.

Delta R3


Nice helmet overall, lightweight and comfortable. Only problem is the power cord has a female end instead of a male end to plug into sled. it does come with a harness to go to battery but i just want to plug and play, it should have a male end.

Highly disappointed!!


Very disappointed in this product, especially coming from 509! I bought this helmet (and my husband) expecting great things! We went to a local snowmobile dealership and the salesman (an avid snowmobiler) raved that this helmet had been revised from the previous version and it fixed all the "imperfections", including air getting in around the shield and the aerodynamics were improved also. Well, I guess he was just doing his job - or both my husband and I rec'd a few lemons! We both have air and snow coming inside the helmet, even though the vents are all closed. My chin guard flaps around on the right side of the helmet when I go above 30mph and sounds like I have a moth in my ear (my husband doesn't have this problem), and the helmet wants to lift right off your head at higher speedsI wish we could send them back but that's not an option now that we've worn them. Back to the drawing board 509 - you have a lot of work to do!! Wish we could return them!!

Love my helmet, hate the heated visor cord


Just got back from my first ride with my new Delta R3. The day started out at -50 (celsius) and warmed up to a balmy -30 (celsius). The helmet kept me nice and warm all day, but within the first 25 km the cord for my heated visor broke. Another guy who I was riding with had the same helmet and the same problem within the first 10 km. Thankfully I had a spare aftermarket cord to get me through the day, it wasn't ideal because it wouldn't stay plugged in but I made it work. Hopefully 509 can fix this issue so others don't run into the same problem and can keep sledding.

An EXCELLENT Helmet with EXCELLENT Customer Service


Super comfortable helmet. Really easy to take the shield on or off if you want to run goggles. The extra long chin skirt is super nice for keeping the wind out while riding. Ventilation is good, just have to find the right slots that work for you. Heated shield works great and the 1/4 mechanism is very nice to have. The Fidlock strap is also super handy because you don't have to take your gloves off to use it. I had a slight problem with the helmet when I purchased it, so I contacted customer service. They were extremely helpful and fixed the issue right away. They put customers first, they do the right thing to fix any problem you have. Overall this is my favorite helmet that I have had over the years!

Adult Helmet Size Chart

Measuring the circumference of head, just above the top of the ears and brows.